From Our Boats

to your table

Blue Planet Seafood is dedicated to providing sustainably caught line fish ‘from our boats to your table’.

A Legacy of Ocean

Blue Planet Seafood is a company whose role in the group is to provide the local market with the finest quality seafood. Through the role the group of companies has played in the industry and the extensive knowledge and support that Robert Giddey can provide, we are able to offer local, sustainably caught line fish and what we don’t catch within our group of companies, we source through these same values.

Curated Selections

Experience the depth of flavor and commitment to excellence with every bite, sourced responsibly to ensure the bounty of the sea is available for generations to come.


From our boats to your table, our fresh range delivers quality you can trust. What we don’t catch ourselves, we sustainably source through years of industry experience and strong relationships. Enjoy the finest selection, knowing it’s all done with care.


We flash-freeze our products to lock in both freshness and nutrients. Enjoy convenience without compromising quality. From our facilities to your freezer, it’s always fresh. Trust our frozen range for meals that are as delicious as they are easy to prepare.

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A Visual Voyage

Step into our world with a captivating gallery that takes you on a visual journey from the azure depths of the ocean to the vibrant marketplace.

Beyond Just Seafood

More than a provider

Our reach extends across retail and wholesale channels, through our retail outlets, factory outlet, and affiliated processing factory. This network enables us to supply the finest quality seafood at the most competitive prices, directly to consumers and businesses alike. We take pride in our refrigerated delivery vehicles, which play a crucial role in delivering fresh and frozen products at their peak quality, embodying our promise of ‘from our boats to your table’.